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General Details

Company: Some Pau Escort (SEX)
Outstanding Shares: 500,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Some Pau
Marketing: Squeekachu Spearmann
Marketing: Tiny Epin
Director: Ace Baker


CEO's Real Life Name: Shanna Sullivan
CEO's Real Life Location: California

Cash on Hand: L$40,000.00
Land Owned: 4,096m2
Land Value: L$36,000.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$147,496,000.00

Monthly Income: L$100,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$10,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors,

Phone sex operators are speakers and listeners. We perform and direct. We question and divulge. We counsel and deceive. We shadow and disrobe. We digest and disgorge these stories we conjure up and dissolve into the rhythms we beat out on the phone, online, on the street and off it. We walk to that music. We not only have to create the fantasy but bring it to life, to make it breathe so that the client can loose themselves in it. Deepest desires fulfilled at a price. That is where we are at the forefront of the adult chat industry. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the story.

Business Overview

Who we are:

We are a unique adult entertainment agency for the discerning gentleman or mistress who enjoys quality intimate encounters. We operate from a standpoint of fun, friendliness, and excellent customer service.

What we offer:

We specialize in connecting people together for a mutually-satisfying and totally awesome experience of intimate companionship. Whether your desires run from an online girlfriend experience to the exploration of deep erotic fantasy, we can coax your deepest desires and bring them to fulfillment. Our Escorts enjoy relating to and satisfy a man's physical, intellectual, and emotional needs.

What you can expect:

We set higher standards each and every day; you may always count on our best efforts to maintain the fine reputation that our clients have come to expect.
Friendly and beautiful escorts, who are sensual, playful, professional, and reliable businesswomen who have established other careers and value discretion. Each escort must meet our stringent standards. Carefully selected for her perfect combination of physical beauty as well as inner beauty, you will be pleasantly surprised! We pride ourselves on representing a selection of Second Life's best escorts for all tastes and preferences. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Our commitment:

Thanks to our clientele and friendly escort, we are making a positive impact in this industry of Second Life Escorts. Our #1 goal is to provide our clients and escorts with a fabulous experience in a safe environment. Through honest and superior customer service, we are building Second Life's most trusted name in the business of escorting.

Business Strategy

Our mandate is to employ our creativity and drive to make Some Pau Escorts the most engaging and sought after adult companions in Second Life. Referrals and repeat customers are this industries life blood and this is where we excel. Some Pau's main business is engaging and highly personalized phone sex encounters which are conducted over the Skype Network. We are always looking at innovative ways to use technology to heighten and enhance the client's experience.

Business Strengths

Some Pau's success is solely due to the rigorous screening procedure that is employed to hire and train our Escorts. In this industry the talent of your employees makes or breaks you. There is no forgiveness for a stale or lifeless encounter. Our freelance escorts have a stake in the success of this enterprise and go above and beyond to meet the client's needs and are encouraged to explore the fantasy no matter how unique.

Market Overview

We would hope all people that live in sl would come to us as customers because they would be hocked and always cum back for seconds. With the capital we gain from are ipo we hope to grow to 3 or 4 more clubs.

Use of Capital

The capital raised from Some Pau's IPO will be invested in the following manner:

1) To fully realize our vision by expanding and updating our existing facilities and developing our technological support.

2) To explore franchising opportunities.

3) To expand our presence in non-English speaking markets by recruiting and training escorts to take advantage of societal and national differences by custom tailoring encounters using language as well as specific social and sexual quirks.

Risk Factors

Risk Factors: It's a dirty free tissues and jimmy hats! But seriously, this industry is ever-changing and we at Some Pau Escorting are always willing to expand, push and yes, invent the roles which our clients are looking for.


Here at SEX we have a great team of players CEO Some Pau Board mebers - Squeekachu Spearmann,Tiny Epin, and Vixen Gyoza.We also have a great team of free lance workers on call all the time to do any deeds needed

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