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General Details

Company: Atlantis Land Corporation (ALC)
Outstanding Shares: 20,600,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Hannibal Kennedy
Marketing Director: James Alexander
Technical Director: David Amarula
Communication Director: Victoria Charlton
Land Managing Director: 77 Allstar


CEO's Real Life Name: Wolfgang Schneider
CEO's Real Life Location: Germany

Cash on Hand: L$100,000.00
Land Owned: 372,680m2
Land Value: L$15.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$5,690,200.00

Monthly Income: L$538,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$398,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors,

I am pleased to make you the offer to become a shareholder of the Atlantis Land Corporation and earn money with us.

Second Life is growing very fast at the moment. In a growing market it is much easier to earn money, if you have good ideas. Espacially the land business is a large growing business in SL.
At two of my sims I was able to sell the land within 24 hours. To be able to create more sims I am creating this corporation. My goal is to make the Atlantis Land Corporation the fastest growing company in SL.
I hope we can reach this goal together.

Kind regards,

Hannibal Kennedy

Chairman and CEO

Business Overview

The Atlantis Land Corporation will be a company that will do investments in the Real Estate business in the virtual world of Second Life. We will invest into sims where we will offer land for different customer needs.

All the money of the company will go to a new created Avatar. So there is no risk to mixup private money and company money.

The founder of the company guarantees not to sell his shares for at least two years after the first listing.

We are expecting a return of about 53 % in the first year and about 72 % in the second year. We will do our best to even get more than that. You can find more details about the estimated earnings and spendings at our website at

Dividend Policy:
We will pay a dividend each month if the profit of the previous month was at least L$ 206,000.
A payout of at least 50 % of the profit will be guaranteed. The rest will be reinvested.

Business Strategy

We are planning to create different themed sims.

The following themes are planned:

Commercial Land:
We will create sims with commercial land. All land will have access to a street at two sides of the land. The land will be ideal for any shop or casino.

Residential Land:
We will create sims with beach themed residential land. All parcels will have access to the beach. This kind of land business is very profitable.

Land without zoning rules:
Many people want to buy land without zoning rules. This land will be offered much cheaper than land on mainland. So there be a potential to get many customers.

Business Strengths

There are several factors that do make this company strong.

1.) The CEO does have experience in the land business of SL for more than one year. He owns 5 sims that all are profitable and he is the owner of the SL Land Corporation group.

2.) The company will be managed very professional. We will not mixup private things with company things. All the money of the company will be hold by an avatar that is created only for this reason. That makes the investment more secure for you.

3.) We do invest the money into different kinds of land businesses. Because of the diversification the risk will be reduced.

Market Overview

The land business is growing very fast. Even with the strong competition it is possible to make a huge profit in this business. The CEO of this company already does run 5 sims, which are all profitable.

Use of Capital

We do plan to invest the money by buying 11 sims:

Commercial Land: 4 sims (L$ 1,809,000)
Residential Land: 3 sims (L$ 1,356,750)
Land without zoning rules: 4 sims (L$ 1,809,000)

All the money earned by the land sales will be reinvested into new sims to ensure the growth of the company.

Maybe we will reduce or increase the money invested to the different sims if the market conditions will change. If we feel the competition is to strong to make a profit with one theme, it doesn't make sense to invest into that theme.

Risk Factors

SL is a fast growing market. In a fast growing market the risks are always higher, but the potential profit is also higher. We try to reduce the risk by splitting the money into different kind of sims.
Even with a lower risk than most other companies in SL we can not guaranty a profit or that you will not loose some of the money invested.
But we will do ower best to make the company as profitable as possible.


The CEO and Chairman Hannibal Kennedy does have experience in the land business of SL for more than one year. He owns 5 sims that all are profitable and he is the owner of the SL Land Corporation group.

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