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General Details

Company: Ginko Currency Services (GCS)
Outstanding Shares: 10,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Nicholas Portocarrero
CEO: Nicholas Portocarrero
Non-Executive Director: Lukeconnell Vandeverre


CEO's Real Life Name: Private
CEO's Real Life Location: Private

Cash on Hand: L$15,078,608.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$15,078,608.00

Monthly Income: L$13,740,432.00
Monthly Expenses: L$13,383,047.00

Chairman's Letter

I would like to invite all Second Life residents to share in the wealth that is generated in the L$/USD exchange market.

Business Overview

We purchase L$ through Ginko Financial's website, at a good discount. We then sell those L$ on the Lindex and withdraw the money.

Business Strategy

We attempt to resell purchased L$ as soon as possible so to minimize risk and ensure a steady turnaround of capital, with no downtime to the exchanges.

Business Strengths

Our key strenghts are:

1. Instant execution.
2. Direct access to Ginko Financial account holders.
3. Ginko Financial's reputation.

Market Overview

Growth has been steady. Our major competitor currently is the Lindex itself. Our main strenght against them lies in the fact our L$ purchases are instant and automatic.


In October 2006, we bought a total of L$3,425,843.74 to be resold.

In November 2006, we bought a total of L$3,810,891.37 to be resold.

In December 2006, we bought a total of L$5,447,666.04 to be resold.

In January 2007, we bought a total of L$10,671,381.63 to be resold.

In February 2007, we bought a total of L$13,688,660.75 to be resold.

Use of Capital

The money is used to buy L$, mostly through the Ginko Financial system. We can also use the Lindex to buy L$ if the opportunity presents itself.

Risk Factors

The linden dolar could colapse in value before we manage to resell bought currency on the Lindex.

Second Life could fail.

The sale of stolen L$ could cause problems. Specificaly, Linden Lab could reverse the L$ transaction, without us having the ability to reverse the USD transaction.

Technical problems might make us pay more than the L$ is worth.


Nicholas Portocarrero manages the exchange operations.

Hinoserm Rebus manages the technical aspects of the operation.

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