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General Details

Company: Yellow Paperclip (YEP)
Outstanding Shares: 10,000,000
Company Website: taken down 4/15, will be up around 4/30 with new features

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Yellow Paperclip
Scripting Director: Danielz Shackle
Creative Director: Xenius Revere


CEO's Real Life Name: Daniel Carriger
CEO's Real Life Location: California, USA

Cash on Hand: L$300,000.00
Land Owned: 46,080m2
Land Value: L$20.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,221,600.00

Monthly Income: L$1,000,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$300,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors,

Thanks for considering Yellow Paperclip as an investment opportunity.

Here's your chance to not only improve Second Life and take it to the next step, but to make money as your doing it !

Others brag about taking a product, spinning it or buffing it up. We pride ourselves on the opposite. We find what is needed, and make it first and make it right. We innovate and dedicate ourselves to finding the unique ideas.

On top of this, one of the newest and largest projects that we are working on, is a full accounting system that will help people track their business from a simple to use webpage ! And we will be the first to put ourselves on this, and will have a section where you can track our basic info to see how we are doing at any time!

We are committed to make all of us as much money as possible!


(I moved this up here so it is more easily viewable!)

Some companies are paying very large dividends and some are not. in our line of business we feel its best to always keep some money growing for the company to continue to fund and develop new products and ideas (we currently have 20+ ideas lined up for next 4-6 months). We don’t want to pay our so much in monthly dividends that we have no room to grow, but we also want to share the wealth ;)

Our plan is to initially return about 50% to dividends on a monthly basis, and reinvest the other 50% into developing the rest of our product ideas. We will allow the 5 largest shareholders to vote with us and help decide once a month to continue our current plan or to change and pay more or less % depending on the market.

Business Overview

Currently products developed by our team include SL's first and only 8 player animated craps table, High end club and escort tracking systems, and offsite databases (using mysql outside of sl on the web to store information that wont get last if a sim or SL crashes)

We have 30+ craps tables already preordered, so expect a quick push of $1,000,000 in sales the first month, and we also have a number of teh database systems pre-ordered, so the second month already also has a strong push ready!

Our newest and largest project is over half complete, and is going to revolutionize tracking and accounting in Second Life.

We have developed a full range database system that tracks stats from all aspects of Second Life.

Examples include:

Clubs - see how many times a customer has tipped, or their average tip. see how many times a girl has collect escort fees, or average and total escort fees. Also track the time in club of customers or workers!

Casinos - See not only your total take in vs. payout from your entire casino, but see each machines payouts vs. take-in or by category of machine! all from a single simple to view webpage

Malls - the next step in networked malls. see from a single webpage the stats on your mall, vacancies, and who’s rent is almost up.

Product Sales - show incoming money and sales from sites like SlExchange or from in world vendors

These are just a view of the things that we have made. We have the frame of this system complete, and are currently in the stages of adding all the small features and making the final viewable website. This system will be complete within 20-30 days of this companies full IPO launch.

While other companies try to make new versions of old items, our mission is to continue to innovate and design products that are not currently in Second Life and do so in only the highest quality.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy is simple.

To continue to innovate and develop items that don’t exist in Second Life yet but are needed, we staff and run things from all aspects of Second Life. We don’t just develop things that people ask, we actively run clubs, casinos, and malls to see what is needed or lacking then develop the best products needed for each task, combining multiple complicated scripts to make a simple or easy to use system for club or casino owners.

We also guarantee a continued income for ourselves by diversifying our profits. While reinvest part of it back into the clubs, malls, and casinos that we use to come up with the ideas, we’ve managed to turn them into profitable items in themselves. All land tiers and club costs are already paid by their malls which allows the casinos take to be pure profit.

We also sale all the custom items we make under several brands throughout Second Life and on secondary sites such as SlExchange to generate long term and steady incoming profits

Business Strengths

Our Key business strengths are in two areas:

1) We have several of the best scripters and graphic designers in Second Life that have been in the game for 1-2 years each and know the ins and the outs working for us.

2) As mentioned under our strategy, were not club owners trying to develop products, or scripters trying to think of club items, but a group of people who work together to both run the clubs and casinos and then develop what they are lacking, using those ideas to make additional income by selling them to other clubs

Market Overview

The nice thing about the products we develop is that since we find the niche items that do not current exist in Second Life, we have no direct competition. We have 100% of market value for each product we launch, and so far almost all of our items have retained at least 90% of the market value by retaining the brand and quality recognition after competitors later try to copy or clone our ideas.

Our estimated growth is exponentional, several of our items sale for 100-200 us$ each and we have pre-orders of 14 of one item alone. Our growth is only slowed by the time it takes to script and create our ideas, and once we go public the sale of the stocks will allow us to finish most of our projects within 30 days.

Use of Capital

Our usage for the capital raised from this IPO is as follows:

- scripting cost for our scripting team to custom script the Database / Accounting / and Web Page systems to interface with current and new sl products. (have 14 pre-orders for 100-200 each already)

- pay to have smaller scripting or building projects completed and ready for sale

- advertising costs and initial land rental costs to advertise or sale products that were developed.

Risk Factors

We have almost no risk in anything we do, with the normal exception of if SL completely closed down or failed.

We have several solid lines of products that already exist and have built our brand name, so any new products already have a solid customer base of our previous customers who always wait for our newest items.

All of our outside projects like clubs have solid managed malls that cover all land tier and event costs so we pay no out of pocket expenses for anything other then the main designers labor when designing new products


Owner - Yellow Paperclip

Custom Scripter specializing in gambling and club systems, as well as php & MySql databases

Senior Partner & Designer - Danielz Shackle

Custom scripter and major landowner. Designs custom gambling and club systems amd does large real estate deals

Senior Creative Designer - Xenius Revere

High end animations, graphic texturing, and complex builds.

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