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General Details

Company: Delicious Demar Enterprises (DDE)
Outstanding Shares: 1,000,001
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Delicious Demar
Director: Erik Goff
Director: Jackie Debs
Director: Montana Ryder
Senior Advisor: Gaz Sanford


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Available
CEO's Real Life Location: Canada

Cash on Hand: L$200,000.00
Land Owned: 295,000m2
Land Value: L$14.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$4,330,000.00

Monthly Income: L$400,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$80,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Potential Investors

Invest in someone with a proven track record. I have run a number of businesses in SL over the last year, and particularly in the last six months, have managed to more than triple my initial investment.

My hallmark is ethical business practices. I despise seeing residents taken advantage of in SL, and strive to match customers with their needs, be it for land or other products. I have always honored a "no questions asked" refund policy (including on land).

What this means is that I have built a solid foundation of clients in SL that trust me, and know that I will not steer them wrong.

I will treat my investors the same way. Let's face it, there is not a lot of protection in WSE for investors - they buy shares with no guarantee, in the hope that the company will grow, pay dividends, and increase the value of their shares. But, there is nothing to stop a company from simply taking the money and running.

I will make a commitment to reward investors for their faith in me and DDE, by paying dividends on shares with 20% of net profit on a monthly basis. Not only will this increase the value of your shares, but will provide a modest return for each share you own, on an ongoing basis. The other 80% will be reinvested in the company for product development, advertising, and investment in property for sale or rental. A reasonable portion of expenses may go to the CEO and Directors, with transparency to investors about amounts.

Business Overview

Delicious Demar Enterprises is a holding company for a number of commercial business, founded by Chairperson and CEO Delicious Demar. She has a history of success in Second Life, having turned an initial investment of 1,250,000L into cash and holdings worth over 4,000,000L in six months, in addition to intellectual property for designs and buildings which have created a steady but modest ongoing income in SL. Specifically, DDE includes the following:

DD Real Estate
Land Sales Division: typically holds approximately two sims worth of real estate in SL (~130,000 square meters) for land speculation. By far the most successful division, DD Land Sales has overseen the successful purchase and sale of over 1,000,000 square meters of land in the last 4 months, at an average turnover rate of one week, and an average profit margin of 20%.
Land Rental Division: specializing in parcels over 8,000 meters, the land rental division currently rents approximately 90,000 square meters, providing a steady income that covers all land tiers for DDE.

Poker Delish
A new Poker Room in SL catering to high stakes players only. Located on the island sim "Delicious", wholly owned by DDE, Poker Delish will grow to provide a steady stream of income for the business.

Delish Designs
Delish Designs sells women's fashions, furniture, and sculptures on SL Exchange, and soon in the inworld store being built on Delicious Island. To date, all Delish Design clothing has received a perfect 5-star rating on all items listed on SLX, with several items listed in the top 100 at times over the last three months. This new division has a modest number of designs for sale, but will be the focus of the majority of expansion in the next two months.

DnA Modular Commercial PreFabs
DnA Modular specializes in low-prim prefab commercial structures, with low prices and moderate sales. The current line of modern stores has sold already 87 units (as of Feb 1, 2007) on SL Exchange, and will soon be included in the inworld Delish Designs store. In addition, a new line of small vendor stores will be released in the next month.

Business Strategy

DDE has a diversified business strategy, focusing on different market segments to reach a maximum base of consumers.
Land Sales and Rental seeks to rent enough land to cover all land tiers for DDE, with land sales providing the buulk of revenues and profits.
Clothes, art, and commercial structures aims at mid-range consumers - reasonable prices and good quality merchandise.
Poker Delish targets high end poker players only - high stakes games with no distractions.

Business Strengths

See Business Overview and letter to potential investors

Market Overview

Clothes, art, and commercial structures aims at mid-range consumers - reasonable prices and good quality merchandise.
Poker Delish targets high end poker players only - high stakes games with no distractions.

Use of Capital

Capital will be used to increase base of land for reslae, as well as to provide seed capital for new ventures. Current projects in the planning phase include development of a high-end clothing and furniture mall on Delicious Island, and the creation of a Noob Shoppe - targeting players less than 45 days old with inexpensive, moderate quality merchandise.

Risk Factors

Real Estate provides the greatest reward, and potentially the greatest risk. changes in the rules an dpolicies of Linden Labs toward land ownership, tier, and resale, have the potential to adversely (or positively) affect this arm of the DDE>


DDE has been owned and operated by Delicious Demar since it's humble beginnings almost one year ago. since that time, Delicious has undertaken most of the management of the company.

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