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General Details

Company: XD Trading (XDT)
Outstanding Shares: 10,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Stove Lu
XD Director: Stove Lu
Web Systems Director: Adz Childs
Business Development Manager: Roli Polanski
Technical Development Director: Zozo Plympton


CEO's Real Life Name: Lee Stovin
CEO's Real Life Location: North Yorkshire. UK

Cash on Hand: L$5,000.00
Land Owned: 23,640m2
Land Value: L$17.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$406,880.00

Monthly Income: L$242,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$198,400.00

Chairman's Letter

XD trading (XDT) expects tremendous growth in parallel to the stability of the SL market.
Our core Business is focused around three markets.
*Real-Estate Development. (Including land rentals, mall space rentals, and house rentals)
*Web based Technologies (A web based SL auction site and also will focus on SL client projects)
*Product Development (Main focus is on gaming equipment and fashion items)

With our growth combined with an aggressive dividend policy creates the ability to achieve stimulating results of investment with our company. We have invested heavily in both time and money developing products such as XD minesweeper game and places such as XD mall, casino and club.
Our teams are experts in their fields and our plans and ideas along with our skills will help us expand into our targeted markets.

The XD brand will be soon well known. We hope to share our success with our investors

Stove Lu
CEO XD Trading

Business Overview

XD plans to venture into all profitable SL markets. We want to see the XD brand in all areas of second life.

We aim to expand and continue to invest into more mainland.

Business Strategy

-Heavy market minesweeper game, the casino and fashion items to stimulate stock growth by offering a well valued dividend split in the first 45 days after listing

- Creation of a commission based version of minesweeper to increase penetration into the casino sector and provide monthly revenue

- Listing Items in Slexchange and Slboutique as well as own mall.

- Further increase of our existing line of business

-Further development of XD website.

Business Strengths

Real World Experience, Fresh Idea's

XD trading management has connections to real world companies that will allow us to offer them a much-needed presence in Sl and will be now offered as part of our marketing solutions.

Market Overview

Major competitors include Slexchange and slboutique.

Major Customer include:

*Tao Heavy Industries (THI)

*SexyEyes Valkyrie

*Austie Pegler

*Wiccan Sojourner

Upto now all XD profit has gone into land purchasing. Sinse January 1st we have expanded to 1/2 sim and predict to to expand at the same rate for next 3 march.

Use of Capital

Use of capitial we will used on marketing our current range of products.

Development of the XD-trading website.

Launch of a website to sell real world clothin items.

Purchase of 1 sim on which we will develope a mall for real world vendors.

Risk Factors

Our main risk is from stability of secondlife. Sl charges such as tier prices. Also the fluxuation of land market values.


stove Lu-CEO

Incharge of XD project managment on a macro scale. Also incharge of marketing.

Zozo Plympton- Technical development director

Is focused on developing products of a technical nature.

Adz Child-Web services Director

Incharge of devloping the web solutions

Roli Polanski-Business development director

Incharge of managing XD club also assisit marketing XD as a whole.
Also incharge of recruiting staff.

Star Quintus-builder

Smokie Signals-dancer/escort

Sugar Spitz-dancer/escort

Sausage Steeplechase-scritor

Barbara Majestic-builder

chrys Yue-escort

Sherrie Welles-escort

Also have other staff that work on a part time basis.

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