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General Details

Company: PPC Holdings (PPC)
Outstanding Shares: 3,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Lukas Sellers
Chief Financial Officer: Penn Tagore
Manager: Kitty Harmison
Manager: Izabeau Witherspoon


CEO's Real Life Name: Ryan Nelson
CEO's Real Life Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Cash on Hand: L$205,000.00
Land Owned: 32,471m2
Land Value: L$20.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$854,420.00

Monthly Income: L$80,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$30,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Welcome to PPC Holdings,
PPC is dedicated to bringing a strong adult entertainment brand to the Second Life World. Our Board of Directors are made up of Professional Traders, RL Entrepreneurs, Markets, and SL Business owners. In short, we are a dedicated team of RL and Sl professionals who look forward to continued success in Sl.

Business Overview

It is our goal to integrate more aspects of Rl adult entertainment into Sl adult entertainment. We intend to achieve this by staying on the forefront of sl adult technology and branching out into web cam services.

Business Strategy

PPC Holdings excels in Adult Entertainment as a business. We then funnel out profits into other projects such as property development, product development, and other ventures such as integrating web cam technology into sl.

Business Strengths

Are greatest strength is out management team and employees. We have a very dedicated base of management with a desire to see this business succeed. We pride our self in offering exceptional service to our guests making them feel as warm and welcome in our club as they would in there own residence. We also have a dedicated client base that visits our club frequently and make the PPC a pleasure to work at.

Market Overview

There are many clubs in SL where they fail we excel. We make all efforts to entertain our guests and not just have av on a stage with out clothes on we make every effort to interact with our customers and find out what they desire and make that our desire as well. We make every effort to make their fantasies come to life in SL and give them a quality experience expect to keep growing at a steady rate and watch our earnings continue to grow. We offer special incentives to our top escorts/dancers to make sure they stay with our club.

Use of Capital

We will use the capital raised to expand our operation to a bigger location, as well as invest in new technology that will bring a new aspects of fantasy to our customers. We will be using the capital to hire RL web cams girls to work with us in the club and our other adult services. As well as hiring scripters and builders to make our vision a reality.

Risk Factors

We work in a competitive industry and as always with introducing a new technology we run the risk of the technology not taking as well as we would have hoped but we don't for see this as we have had many many requests for the technology. We also intend to offset this risk by actively interacting with our customers and finding out what it is they really desire to make our services as complete as possible. As well we hold a substantial amount of land and other assets that can be liquidated to protect or investors interests.


We have a wonderful management team made of of SL and RL professionals with the drive and imagination to take SL adult entertainment to new heights.
Lukas Sellers-CEO
Penn Tagore-CFO
Izabeau Witherspoon-Talent Manager
Sabre Leshelle-Manager/Marketer
Jessica Holyoke-Trainer/Manager
Kitty Harmison-Escort Manager

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