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General Details

Company: Redux Technologies (RDX)
Outstanding Shares: 100,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Redux Dengaku
Chief Operating Officer: Jess Unsworth
Chief Infrastructure Officer: Adasyd Nino


CEO's Real Life Name: Private
CEO's Real Life Location: Private

Cash on Hand: L$6,147,594.00
Land Owned: 262,144m2
Land Value: L$9.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$8,506,890.00

Monthly Income: L$1,600,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$320,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Redux Technologies as a private scripting business has been more successful than I could have ever hoped, but I'm ready to move it to the next stage. The productivity of Redux Technologies thus far has been largely limited due to land constraints, hardware issues, and limitation on building ability. By incorporating, we're going to be eliminating each of these issues in kind, allowing the company to take the next step.

I'm proud to announce the incorporation of Adasyd Nino as Chief of Infrastructure, and Jess Unsworth as Chief Operating Officer. Both have been in SL for over a year and a half; Jess has been doing private/custom avatar design, and Adasyd has been working in cutting edge building and object design as well as web design.

More than just income, both are bringing a lot of insight and long term experience that comes with their years of experience in SL that will be greatly beneficial to the company, and are going to be bringing in an established client base as well as establishing their own product lines under the brand of Redux Technologies, allowing us to flourish.


Business Overview

Redux Technologies is going to be combining the talents of an established scripter, as well as a phenomenal avatar designer and a building expert. By combining these talents, each of us is going to be able to widely expand our product lines and ability to do business. By providing building support, Redux Scripting Services is going to be able to open up into an entirely new market. With scripting support, Adasyd and Jess are going to be able to enhance their existing product lines in ways that have yet to be realized.

We're going to be purchasing a block of 4 sims, the center of which will be the headquarters of Redux Technologies. By running this on private land, and having 4 different sims, there will be a great increase in productivity even during times of sim outage and instability. The central location will allow Jess and Adasyd to establish a permanent location for vending and for their services. In order to defer the costs of the sim, remaining land is going to be sold or rented out to companies and individuals on a somewhat exclusive basis. In order to increase productivity, we're also going to be using the IPO to purchase better hardware and software to enhance our ability to build and design effectively and on a more consistant basis than is currently allowed by our somewhat outdated hardware and lack of necessary software.

Business Strategy

Redux Technologies is going to grow by providing a centralized location, which will allow for much more efficient exchange of trades between the parties included. Sim management will go hand and hand with that as we will be readily available to handle any issues that may arise. Our schedules are staggered so that at any time, one or more of us is available to help handle customer requests for the others, and to take care of any land issues or vandalization/grief issues.

After establishing ourselves and our product lines, we will begin adding product lines of the best and brightest in SL to our existing product base, which will provide additional income.

Business Strengths

Redux Scripting Services is currently one of the most active public scripting companies in Second Life. On any given day, if you type "Scripting" into a places search, you'll generally find Redux in the top 5 along with a sandbox and a school. The head of Redux Scripting Services (Redux Dengaku) is an officer in the Scripters of Second Life as well as the Advanced Scripters of Second Life, and is the head scripter for a number of organizations, groups, and sim owners.

Jess and Adasyd are widely known in their respective communities for their artistic talent and creative design. Furthermore, they'll be bringing the experience of almost 2 years of membership in SL to the table, as well as established and respected product lines.

Market Overview

Redux Scripting Services, which is to be the foundation of Redux Technologies, has provided scripting support to several of the companies listed on the WSE, as well as the WSE itself. Beyond that, Redux has provided extensive scripting to B-Dazzled Designs, Ice Dragon's Playpen, Montana's Poker Room, Jadsoft, the Control Combat HUD, Pleasure Mountain, SINNIQ, and many others way too numerous to list here. With enough land to work on large builds, and talanted builders to back up the production, a number of jobs previously decliend due to complicated building requirements will be opened up. As the founder and owner of the Freelance Scripters group, we have no major competitors and are only limited by lack of a central location in terms of pure LSL scripting. By adding web design and building talent to the group, we expect to see the business double around 9 months to a year of time.

Use of Capital

Capital Needs (valued at 285 lindens per USD):
*Land Purchase, 4 Islands: L$1,881,000
*3 Months of Land Tier: L$1,008,900
*Physical Equipment & Software Upgrade: $627,000
*3 Months of sallary support to ease the transition: 249,000
*Temp employee building support to expediate establishment: 250,000

Risk Factors

Redux Dengaku has been working full time scripting in SL for almost 6 months, and already has more than enough monthly income to cover expenses with plenty left over. Adasyd and Jess are established designers with existing product lines that have already been proven popular. As the value of the busienss is created by continued application of talents and fresh clients that come in every day. There is no concern of changes in scripting limitations, existing product lines breaking, or in-world object disappearal. In essence, we're totally mobile; if an existing product stops working, or if LL changes what can or can't be done via scripting (nerfing if you will), there won't be any loss to the business. Essentially, other than an external catastrophy (flood, fire, car accident), or a sudden doubling of land tier costs by Linden Labs (in the event of which, land can be consolidated, sold, or even abandoned in an extreme case), there's no tangible risk to the company itself.


Redux Dengaku is a graduate from UC Berkeley, has been working as a programmer for 11 years, and had extensive RL experience in sales, business management, business startup, marketing, and employee management. Jess and Adasyd have been working in artistic design for years, and have been building and designing in SL for over a year and a half. Redux as CEO will be handling internal affairs, as well as continued operation of the scripting business that has brought success and reputation in such a short period of time. Adasyd will be largely responsible for sim design and building, and while the sim is being established, will oversee all the building. Jess will be driving a product line of Avatars, avatar accessories, and Furry products.

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