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General Details

Company: Second Street Partners (SSP)
Outstanding Shares: 10,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Gianetta Rosca
Director: Hailey Upshaw
Director: Giselle Matova
Chairwomen: Gianetta Rosca


CEO's Real Life Name: Gina Garabelli
CEO's Real Life Location: California, USA

Cash on Hand: L$273,100.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$273,100.00

Monthly Income: L$0.00
Monthly Expenses: L$0.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Potential Investors,

I want to personally thank you for your interest in Second Street Partners. We are proud to be a part of the virtual Second Life investment community. As one of the first woman owned investment firms in Second Life, I am excited that SSP will be a major contributor to the development of the financial markets that will evolve to support our residents. I hope you share my vision of the huge opportunity and growth that awaits us within Second Life.

Our years of experience with investments, our own proprietary quantitative analysis software and a dividend program will allow us to generate outstanding returns to our shareholders.

I and the other members of the SSP team look forward to having you as an investor and sharing with us in the financial growth of Second Life.

Gianetta Rosca
Chairwoman and CEO - Second Street Partners

Business Overview

Second Street Partners is a diversified investment firm with a family of open end investment funds in the Second Life community.

Our team of seasoned investment professionals has years of investment experience.

We select only the cream of the investment crop by using fundamental analysis of each company's financial condition, industry position, market and economic conditions to select investments. SSP uses proprietary risk management and quantitative market analysis software that has been adapted for use within Second Life to maximize investment returns.

Second Street Partners I, is an open-ended investment fund similar to an exchange traded fund that will invest in the overall virtual stock market as well as make strategic, private placement investments.

Business Strategy

The fund's objective is to maximize capital appreciation and return regular dividends to shareholders.

500,000 SSP I Fund shares were originally issued by the Fund.

An additional 4,400,000 Fund shares have been authorized by the Board of Directors to be issued from the Fund’s treasury shares. These additional shares will be sold on the open market in increments as determined by the Fund management. Current outstanding shares will be announced in our regular updates.

Additional funds raised will be invested as soon as possible after each issue to maintain the NAV (Net Asset Value) as close as possible to the current share price. However, market conditions and investment returns may cause share prices to diverge from the NAV.

The Fund's investment ratio will range between 100% public investment/0% private investments and 0% public investment/100% private investment. The Fund's management team anticipates the ratio will normally be weighted towards public company investments. However, public market conditions may dictate weighing towards private company investments.

Business Strengths

Outlined in the Chairwoman's letter

Market Overview

The investment community within Second Life is in its infancy. SSP will capitalize on our proprietary investment analysis tools and years of investment experience to maximize returns for our shareholders.

Use of Capital

100% of net proceeds are invested in the Second Street Partners I Fund.

Risk Factors

An investment in this or any virtual Stock involves a degree of risk. Prospective investors, prior to making an investment decision, should carefully consider, together with the other matters referred to herein, the following principal investment risks:

1. Stock Market Volatility: Virtual stock markets are volatile and can decline significantly in response to adverse issuer, market, or economic developments. Different parts of the market can react differently to these developments. Second Street Partners will use our extensive investment experience and market analysis tools to anticipate and act to prevent or minimize these effects.

2. Issuer-Specific Changes: The value of an individual security or particular type of security can be more volatile than the market as a whole and can perform differently from the value of the market as a whole. By diversifying our investments across numerous sectors and companies, SSP can significantly reduce any such volatility.

3. Trading Markets: SSP must rely on the WSE to provide a stable market for share trading. While the WSE has taken every step to ensure stability, we may be affected by outages and other trading interruptions of The WSE.

4. Second Life: Operation of SSP is subject to the Terms & Conditions of The Second Life Virtual World and SSP exists solely within the Second Life Virtual World. Changes to the Terms & Conditions of SL or service interruptions by the operators of Second Life, Linden Labs, may adversely affect the operations of SSP.


Gianetta Rosca - Chairwoman and CEO

Hailey Upshaw - Director and Senior Investment Analyst.

Giselle Matova - Director and Senior Trader

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