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General Details

Company: Brautigan & Tuck Holdings (BNT)
Outstanding Shares: 130,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Intlibber Brautigan
Chief Operations Officer: Tavi Tuck
Goofball in Chief: Lukeconnell Vandeverre
VP, Security and Subsidiaries: Jim Schack
Director, Cheif Financial Officer: Thor Columbia
non-executive Director: Nicholas Portocarrero


CEO's Real Life Name: Mike Lorrey
CEO's Real Life Location: New Hampshire, USA

Cash on Hand: L$1,600,000.00
Land Owned: 845,000m2
Land Value: L$17.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$15,965,000.00

Monthly Income: L$3,500,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$1,000,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Since long before joining SL, I've studied and gamed theories of living and transacting commerce in an economy with exponential growth and unlimited potential. Since joining SL last September, I have applied these ideas to my business activities to date: Financing my first half sim in mid October themed on the novel Snow Crash (and paying off a 5 month note in two months) through My Second Bank, going on to launch the Surreal BT Estate and its continent of Ancapistan in late December with 9 sims, and building a company stable of 13 sims to date of various types, with the finest infrastructure and services in SL: top notch roads and sidewalks, the only working subway system in SL (three lines, no less), streetlights, infocenters, ATMs and news vendors, as well as top notch sim security of automated and human types.

In this time, we have subdivided and sold out our sims almost completely, built a number of major buildings for ourselves and our clients (including the Hope Capital Centre, Empire Capital, Citta Ruwart Shopping, the Island of Wailoa in Peret, the VCE building, The Lorrey Tower and Lorrey Trade Tower, as well as the upcoming full scale World Trade Center in Friedman). We have developed innovative products, like the Stone Brewery's for-profit beer kegs vending temporary beers, the Ng Security Rat Thing agent profiler system, Snooze n Cruise's Beach Blanket Bingo, all while fighting an active campaign against the scourge of griefing across SL.

Brautigan & Tuck is now poised and ready to take the next step in its evolution. I originally founded this company not for wealth or fame, but to create a way to work from home and financially support my ill elderly parents. Achieving that has been the motive for my unrelenting drive for success, which has resulted in turning a few hundred USD investment 6 months ago into a firm with an auction value of at least 65,000 USD. The next step in this evolution will require the assistance of many others in SL believing in my vision, seeing the potential of SL, but also being committed to making that vision happen.

I believe that when a person makes the conscious commitment to achieve something, not to just try, that the universe will reorder itself to help them reach that goal. This is not necessarily a spiritual analogy, but the observation that creativity, dedication, and perseverence attracts the things that make dreams possible to achieve: capital, powerful connections, the respect of ones peers and staff, and most of all, the enthusiasm of the market.

With the end of Linden Labs' First Land program, it is that much harder for a newbie to catch a break in SL, even when that break was often accompanied by unscrupulous developers. Since first starting, I've sought to mentor and encourage newbies to achieve their dreams, financially backing some of the more promising. With the IPO of Brautigan & Tuck, the avatar on the street can once again profit from the great land boom in SL, by investing in B&T; directly. No other company in SL offers this opportunity so directly, I encourage all to take advantage of this, and work with us at B&T; to achieve all of our dreams.

Business Overview

Our primary business focus right now is real estate development. We intend to use the bulk of capital raised to purchase 70 sims, which will be subdivided and sold off, building a new private continent, and extending our infrastructure through it. B&T; has historically been able to earn significantly in excess of 100% profits on its cost of land and tier, which is the reason for its phenomenal growth. B&T; does this by offering a top notch sim environment to people at market competitive prices, and plowing all profits earned to date back into more land/sims. Unlike other companies that rely on often unverifiable claims as to earnings, the public can visually see B&T; grow, by the number of sims it buys and builds into its continent. Every new round of sim buying will be determined, in size and timing, by the profitability of B&T; in the stage before it.

Between rounds of sim purchases, B&T; plans on utilizing its proven skill at stock investment to back other firms in the capital markets with its excess liquidity, to amplify company profits and real estate growth.

By the end of 2007, B&T; intends to have a minimum of 300 sims under its control, generating between 1.0 billion to 2.0 billion L$ in cumulative capital gains for its shareholders, and monthly operating revenues in excess of 6 to 12 million L$ per month.

Business Strategy

B&T;'s business strategy has been to focus laser-like on getting the job done with quality. Our sims are testament to that ethic: the finest roads and sidewalks, the only subways in SL, the best estate security. The sims of Lorrey and Friedman receive regular visits from folks like Philip Linden, who show these sims as examples of excellence in SL.

These features offer great value to our residents beyond the market competitive prices we charge. We price our product above or near market averages while delivering top-end quality that people appreciate. This attracts valuable anchor residents, like Hope Capital, Empire Capital, Forseti Group, My Second Bank, SLPay, Linden Bank, among others, which raise property values with their arrival.

Business Strengths

We started off with a price advantage over the competition: our first major sim buy was 10 class 5 sims at old class 4 pricing. With this advantage, we now have as a resident, the new financial center of Second Life, Hope Capital Center, which is attracting immense numbers of people looking for land nearby. B&T; has already taken 15 verbal or cash deposit reservations for entire new sims within the estate, and numerous others have expressed intent to purchase smaller lots.

B&T; is also innovative, in bringing consumer products to SL that are RL branded, creating new security products and services, innovating new business models for architecture and construction, and much more.

B&T; has also been at the forefront of proactive efforts to end the scourge of griefing in SL. While others either look the other way, or ignore the problem, and still others try to pay off the miscreants to be left alone, B&T; has been agressive in both taking the fight to the enemy, penetrating griefer groups with intelligence operatives, while at the same time raising public awareness and outrage at official negligence in ending the means by which SL is infiltrated by criminals. We have prevented a large number of attacks on our estate, furry sims, as well as attacks on Clinton and Obama campaign offices.

Market Overview

Few estate owners have sought to create realistic non-distopian urban environments to attract SL and RL corporate clientele like B&T; has. While many have tried smaller developments on a sub-sim scale, only B&T; has sought to create a vast multi-sim urban community and economy with infrastructure and services one expects in such an urban setting in a modern RL city. B&T; realizes that a city is a large organic creature that requires a large land area adjacent to it to synergize with, it is not a museum piece to fit into a few thousand square meters.

The only communities to compare with B&T;'s work are typically in Linden Labs owned and developed sims, or sims belonging to major RL corporations, or major developers like Anshe Chung Studios, Electric Sheep Company, or Millions of Us.

MegaPrim Engineering: Few Architects have attempted the degree of utilization of megaprims as construction materials as has been done by IntLibber Brautigan. While many builders without estate experience believe the old wives tales, IntLibber has extensively tested giant prims and found them to be both stable, and lower lag than a large quantity of smaller prims making up a similar size structure. The advantage of this technique is that it allows for large buildings with large amounts of floor space, while also allowing for every possible prim to be rented/leased out to tenants. As an example, the upcoming World Trade Center, with 170 structural prims per tower, features two 100x100x420 meter structures, with 20 leasable stories, each with 10,000 square meters of area, totalling 400,000 square meters of leasable space in an area of a half sim. With furniture rezzing technology, prims can be efficiently time-shared among tenants, allowing for more than 500 prims per floor or suite to be leased out, for a total of 20,000 leasable prims in a half sim of space, all without changing sim object bonuses.

RL Corporate Deals: B&T; Currently works with the Stone Brewing Company of San Diego via our joint venture, Stone Brewery, in SL, to bring for-profit kegs to bars and clubs in SL, which charge 2-10L$ per bottle of Stone brand beers, that last 45 minutes in the hands of a bar patron. This for the first time turns a cost center into a profit center, and helps kick off a consumer economy in SL. Club owners often earn over 600 L$ every two weeks with one keg that costs 999 L$ and vends unlimited beers. B&T; will be helping Stone Brewery in its own future IPO.

B&T; Market value:
Sims: 14,635,000 L$
Cash: 2,000,000 L$
Stock Holdings: 11,000,000 L$
Subsidiary Holdings
and Joint Ventures: 2,000,000 L$

Estimated Growth
(last quarter): 2600%
(next quarter): 600%

Use of Capital

Capital raised: L$13,493,123 = 49,065 USD @ 275 L$/USD

Cost of Sims: 469000 L$ each x 23 = 10,500,000 L$

Tier Reserves: L$3,731,750 (2nd month, from cash on hand, interest, excess IPO funds, and future stock profits/dividends).

These sims will be laid out by the map play on display at the Lorrey Tower lobby in Lorrey Region, with roads laid across most sims (excepting water sims and sims ordered for historical/fictional RP purposes).

Total minimum salable land (Sim area minus road parcels retained by BNT): 1,219,000 sm
Avg retail price/sqm: 17 L$/sqm (est April 30 market prices)
Avt retail tier: 1.77L$/sqm
Total land sales revenue: 20,723,000 L$

Total 1st mo tier revenue: 2368955 L$
Monthly Tier Cost: 1865875L$

Avg B&T; land cost/sqm: 8.36L$/sqm
Avt B&T; monthly tier cost/sqm: 1.24L$/sqm

Est Land Sales Profit: 10,223,000 L$
Est Monthly Tier Profit (new sims only): 503080L$

Risk Factors

- SL suddenly becomes the thing to not do: With CBS/Showtime TV show "The L Word", filmed in SL, becoming enormously popular, this is unlikely.
- RL Governments tax SL commmerce: US congress is holding hearings, and even some fools in SL want RL government regulation rather than community self-regulatory agencies.
- A competitor to LL creates a better world: while some virtual worlds do provide a more up to date simulation environment, none provide the economic features of SL.
- Too many developers create a glut of land available. If this evinced itself, we'd have seen some dip in land price escalation. SL user numbers are growing faster than developer numbers, its a rather mathematical exercise.
- Key players caught in Risk API web: the faulty LL Risk API may question too many transactions of key players and seize their accounts, as done to Nexxus Ambassador. This is a real risk that can only be protected by Key Man Insurance.
- Protection of Company Work Product. Along with Key Man issues, comes issues of control of the intellectual property created by persons in the employ of B&T; on a for-hire basis under IP law. It is only by retaining full rights to paid-for work product that physical plant asset value can be retained in a form that is modifiable by future staff. To resolve this issue, B&T; has registered with Linden Labs as a developer and has reserved the last name "BnT" for use by its employees, much as staff of LL use the name "Linden" and Anshe Chung use the name "ACS".


CEO/Chairman: IntLibber Brautigan
Vice-Chair: Tavi Tuck
CFO/Director: Thor Columbia
Non-Executive Director: Nicholas Portocarrero
VP, Security/Operations: Jim Schack
VP, Infrastructure: Extrems Brock
VP, Technology, FWord Utorid
VP, RP Gaming: Kekken Biberman

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