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General Details

Company: Greyhound Builders (GBU)
Outstanding Shares: 1,500,000
Company Website: Not Yet

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Maurice Rodgers
Chief Executive Officer: Hu Benedek
Chief Executive Officer: Flicka Snowdrop


CEO's Real Life Name: Maurice
CEO's Real Life Location: The Netherlands

Cash on Hand: L$500,000.00
Land Owned: 12,288m2
Land Value: L$18.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$721,184.00

Monthly Income: L$0.00
Monthly Expenses: L$0.00

Chairman's Letter

Chairman's Letter

And welcome to the Greyhound Prospectus.
Greyhound builders will be one of the best skilled building companies in Secondlife. Greyhound will hire high quality builders and set them on big projects to satisfy the customer. So we are not only going to build, but also more jobs will be created in SL.

More work in the sections: scripters, textures, builders.

From house to the biggest skycraper in the world, we will do the job!

Your wish is our command!

Maurice Rodgers

Business Overview

Business Overview
Greyhound Builders will begin with building a brand new office.

A big advertisement for skilled employees will be placed throughout SL.

We will help newcomers to SL and help them to find there new home. With help from current land owners we will try to make an affordable deal to the new users of SL.

For all investors whome are going to invest or want to invest, they can be part of the "Greyhound Investors Group" . Joining is free and we will keep you updated.

We want Greyhound to be one of the biggest building companies inside SL with high skilled builders and scripters!

Bringing more jobs into SL will be one of our goals.

Business Strategy

To have the biggest building company we are going to:

-Help new users to find there new home
-expand businesses
-accept small and big projects
-Selling land

But the first thing we need to do:

- Opening new office, an openings party will be arrange.

- Advertise and help newbees

- Hire high quality builders and scripters

- Teach newbees in our own classroom.

- Expand Greyhound builders office

- be part of the roadshows of WSE

We are also going to have a big Megastore for our customers. Prefabs will be build by quality builders. Customers have a dream, with Greyhound this dream will come true!

Business Strengths

More work for SL users:
When Greyhound will be big enough, we have the possibility to hire high quality people to build on big projects. This way there will be more job.

More exclusive buildings:
Greyhound Builders will try to make exclusive buildings / scripts for the customers.

Why Greyhound?
Greyhound Builders will be one of the biggest building companies within SL. New companies comming from RL to SL can hire us and we will build exactly what the need.

Market Overview

We think we can grow to one of the largest building company in SL. With all the experience we have build up till now.

The market is ready for this!
People do not have time to build, they rather hire good quality people, and greyhound builders will do this job!

Use of Capital

With the invested money we can:

Setup basic starting office for Greyhound BUilders.

Accept incoming projects from small to large building projects.


Grand opening new office for Greyhound Builders.

Expanding business.

Risk Factors

not specified


Maurice Rodgers - Director

Hu Benedek - Director

Flicka Snowdrop - Director

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