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General Details

Company: Padgett Gadgets (PGI)
Outstanding Shares: 4,170,606
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Tristan Padgett
COO: Don Misfit
Chief Financial Officer: Rosalind Beckenbauer


CEO's Real Life Name: Dan McFarland
CEO's Real Life Location: IL - USA

Cash on Hand: L$116,516.00
Land Owned: 0m2
Land Value: L$0.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$116,516.00

Monthly Income: L$190,872.00
Monthly Expenses: L$0.00

Chairman's Letter

With the changes in SL gambling, PGI will now focus more efforts on creating newer content unrelated to casinos in SL. While we still support the Raffle Dog, one of the largest SL Lottery games in existence - and a large profit maker for PGI - we will focus on offering other substantial and viable products.

Padgett Gadgets is on the run to becoming one of the largest SL raffle systems and casino games manufacturers. With our line of RAFFLE DOG games having both independent and networked options we feel confident that our current placement and sales of over 600 machines in SL we will continue the explosive growth. Growth that will nurture future expansions of Raffle Dog and our numerous other games into several more viable products.

PGI Has a staff consisting of several programmers, each tasked with the responsibility of creating scripted objects to the highest quality.

In addition, we have 2 builders who's job it is to create the prims that house our games and gadgets. Their work is required to be high quality, low prim and asthetically pleasing. No crap allowed!

In addition, PGI has built a nearly L$250,000 dance club and casino complex on Royal Tropical. This complex will allow us to showcase new products, beta test them and get public feedback. It also provides us with additional income to supplement it's cost.

So all of this combined effort with the entire staff is paying off. Growing from nothing to a substantial empire in less than 6 months. And our future growth plans will allow us to double or triple our revenues each of the next several quarters, paying you, the shareholder, the highest possible dividends.

Business Overview

Mission Statement:

To provide wholesome, entertaining fun based on the needs of SL and limited by only our imagination.

Business Strategy

Our strategy is to provide scripted games and objects that are unique to SL. Imagination is our only limitation.

Business Strengths

Our foremost product, RAFFLE DOG, has over 600 machines in the network, all sharing a current L$50,000 jackpot at this time. With the market exposure, number of in-world rezzed machines and the fact that the machines are free to purchase give us a very large market share in the lottery and raffle market of Second Life. higher jackpot games have been developed and are in testing stages, with the release to be announced within the next 30 days.

Market Overview

We really have no major competitors when it comes to the type of games we create. We strive to keep all of them unique, creative and appealing. There are some other items that may function similar in a few ways, but our goal is to make ours unique, user friendly and easy to manage.

Use of Capital

Capital funds will be used to expand our facilities to its own private island. This will give us the ability to create unique scripts without the ability of others to interfere with our work. It will also be used for the acquisition of other RW items including dedicated servers for our scripts to run, eliminating the limitations of SL scripting otherwise.

Captial will also be used to hire additional RW programmers and SL scripters to create new, profitable games, gaming systems and other items that we have designs for. Scripts that will utilize our dedicated servers generating additional monthly recurring revenues.

Risk Factors

As in all business venture there is always substantial risk involved.


Tristan Padgett - CEO
Don Misfit - COO
Rosalind Beckenbauer - CFO
Zor Zedmore - Sr Programmer
Fenders Rhode - Scripter
Bill Hall - Prim Designer

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