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General Details

Company: Black Pearl Ventures (BPV)
Outstanding Shares: 1,500,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Gaz Sanford
Executive Director: Lucky Raymaker
Non-Executive Director: Mart Lupino


CEO's Real Life Name: Liam Bowmer
CEO's Real Life Location: UK

Cash on Hand: L$100,000.00
Land Owned: 21,504m2
Land Value: L$25.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$637,600.00

Monthly Income: L$125,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$7,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Shareholders,

Through our growing portfolio of developing and active projects, we aim to maximize capital growth via an agressive share buy-back strategy to give shareholders maximum capital value on their investment for the short and long term, as well as broadening and streamlineing our portfolio in order to generate maximum sustainable profits from all sectors of SecondLife.


Gaz Sanford

Business Overview

Monthly Income: L$125,000

Black Pearl Ventures is a company with a vision to aquire small cap, private and start-up companies in secondlife and give active financial and consultational assistance into expanding and becoming more profitable and valuable companies.

Our current projects have, and continue to be increadably fruitful
for us as a group, and we hope to greatly expand on this success
by offering you the chance to become a part of this unique business.

Business Strategy

Our current strategy is to expand and develop our four main active projects. These include:

(1) The '7 Wonders' Casino Project:-

We have aquired a large 16,384m plot of high quality land by the sea.

We have launched the first 'wonder' which includes sea views, quality casino games, a club area, alternative activities and shop areas.

This site has a large traffic figure and is already turning a profit.

We intend to create many new games and features not currently found in SL on this site.

(2) Shareholder Conference Project:-

BPV offers solutions for CEO's who have companies listed on the WSE to hold shareholder meetings in rooms that offer privacy and a professional image.

The aim is to establish a market within the WSE to which CEO's can offer the best conditions for shareholder feedback, and so help build investor confidence and the company image as a whole.

Within hours of completion we received our first booking (from DDE CEO Delicious Demar), and hope to aquire a number of bookings in the very near future.

(3) BPV Escrow Service:-

BPV has just launched one of the very first SL professional escrow services.

Everyone knows that SL is based on scripters and buyers. However, protection for both buyers and sellers from rogue traders has been non-existent until now.

Using BPV Professional Escrow Services, buyers can be certain that their money is safe until their project is completed, and coders can be assured that they will get paid for the work they have done.

(4) BPV Secured Loans Branch

We have already loaned out L$250,000
secured to nearly 30,000 sq. meters of

We aim to increase this to L$1,000,000
within the next coming weeks and months.

We currently make a net profit on our
loans of 2% a week.

We have a number of other projects in the pipeline which we will announce in the coming weeks.

For more information on any of these topics, please contact Gaz Sanford or Lucky Raymaker.

Alternatively, visit our HQ by typing 'Black Pearl Ventures' in the SL search facility.

Business Strengths

Our key advantages over our competition are:

(1) We are an already profitable and growing company

(2) We already have a substantial share portfolio in the businesses we are working with

(3) We offer unique products which have proven to be in demand and very easy to expand

Market Overview

Our customers range from major retailers to direct customers depending on the businesses we are working with at the time.

Use of Capital

Capital raised during this IPO will be used to further the development of our current projects, as well as fund the aquisition and development of other opportunities that we are currently looking into.

Risk Factors

As our business involves careful selection and direct development of businesses in a growing range of business sectors, we aim to keep risk to an absolute minimum.

However, as Black Pearl Ventures solely operates within SecondLife, external factors that directly affect the SecondLife website will affect our trading.


Gaz Sanford - CEO
(General management)

Lucky Raymaker - CFO
(General management)

Maniki Munro - Non Ex. Director

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