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General Details

Company: Lucian Designs Inc (LDI)
Outstanding Shares: 1,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Lucian Overlord
Chief Financial Officer: Mavrick Cannoli
Chief Administrator: Sabazios Docherty
Scripting Manager: Dragonlord Wesburn


CEO's Real Life Name: Jon Jenkins
CEO's Real Life Location: Virginia

Cash on Hand: L$125,000.00
Land Owned: 37,892m2
Land Value: L$11.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$541,812.00

Monthly Income: L$120,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$50,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Potential Investors,

I want to personally thank you for your interest in Lucian Designs Inc. We are proud to be a part of the virtual Second Life building community.I am excited that LDI will be a major contributor to the development of the housing markets that will evolve to support our residents. I hope you share my vision of the huge opportunity and growth that awaits us within Second Life.

Our first fund, Lucian Desings Inc I, has a very small offering size of 500,000 shares and is specifically established to prove to SL investors that we have the knowledge and experience to significantly grow the value of your investment while limiting risk of your hard earned Lindens.

Our 2 plus years experience with custom building and design in secondlife and our proven track record of satisfied coustomers and brand loyality.We are prepaired to take you into the future of second lifes housing industry.

Lucian Designs Inc. has assembled one of the best building design team within Second Life. We challenge ourselfs constantly on over all design and build quality that we present as second to none. As the creator of the original and second lifes only castle builders kit this popular product has been the launching pad for my sucess

I and the other members of the LDI team look forward to having you as an investor and sharing with us in the financial growth of Second Life.

Lucian Overlord
Chairman and CEO - Lucina Desings Inc

Business Overview

Lucian designs Inc is a company founded in November 2005 with the purpose of providing residentual homes at reasonable prices. Our goal is not focused on making a quick dollar, but rather providing quality home design to residents of SecondLife.We feel because of this we are achieving our goals for top customer service and competitive pricing.What we will do

1. Identify needs for specially designed homes within SL. (This is done through researching, market polling.)

2. Design products to meet these unique needs.

3. Innovate existing products to better suit unique needs

Our mission is to create and develope the finest homes in second life

Business Strategy

Our current strategy is to focus on the purchase of an island for the company to provide more space to showcase our prefab homes to customers.

Business Strengths

Our primary strength is the competitive pricing and quality craftsmanship we offer our customers as well as friendly service. Our pricing is lower than many of our competitors. We try to work with our customers and provide reasonable solutions to problems.

Market Overview

There are many competitors in the prefabe market indusrty but we will stand alone with quailty, craftmanship and customer total satisfaction we will not dump products onto the market that do not meet the highest quailty of standreds you come to expect from a builder.

Use of Capital

We intend to use most of the capital to fund the addition of a new sim to showcase our products and expansion of our organization. Approximately 75% of the capital will go into the acquisition and development of a new sim. The remaining 20% reinvested with 10% paid back as a dividen

Risk Factors

As with anything in SL, as long as the community continues to grow and LL continues to prosper, so will we. With out current success rate, we do not anticipate any significant risks for loss.


CEO Lucian Overlord
Lucian has been building and designing custom homes for going on two years now his extensive work in over 35 privetly owned sims has helped him build his reputation for quality and design he has been long sought out for his castle builds in second life he commands a major hold in that market.
CFO Mavrick Cannoli
Mavrick has been building in second life for about the same amount of time he has formally ben a build instructor for residents of second life. At one time he had one of the most popular night clubs in second life.
CAO Sabazios Docherty
Sabazios although new to second life is not new to the housing industry he works in this market in the real world and has a firm understanding of it.

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