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General Details

Company: Albany Mall Development (AMD)
Outstanding Shares: 10,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Jasan Jonze
Non Executive Board Member: Sal Ackland
CFO: Jackie Munro


CEO's Real Life Name: Mike Anderson
CEO's Real Life Location: USA

Cash on Hand: L$150,000.00
Land Owned: 16,000m2
Land Value: L$12.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$342,000.00

Monthly Income: L$816,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$217,600.00

Chairman's Letter

My name is Jasan Jonze, owner of Albany Mall Development. It has been a goal of mine to develop and build the biggest and most valuable mall in Second Life. That goal is about to become a reality. With a team of builders, designers, and advertisers we have put together a very doable and profitable plan to construct our mega mall. This mall will be known by everyone and everyone will come here to shop, dance, party, and converse with friends. We believe very strongly in adding value to our company and the people involved with us. With a plan that has our investors receiving dividends equal to their initial investment by the end of the first year how can you afford not to be apart of the largest growing developer in SL.

Business Overview

Albany Mall Development (AMD) Is a land and property development company within Second Life. By using funds from our IPO AMD will build, and fill the largest SL mall by the end of April, 2007. We also project launching a second location by mid 2007 and estimate that the company will be worth well over 10,000,000 L$ by the end of 2007. We expect to pay dividends in excess of 4.9 Million L$ during the 2007 year. Retail space is a highly sought after asset in Second Life and the value of good high traffic retail space is extremely high within Second Life. There is a high number of malls in Second Life however there is very few that have the size and traffic to be effective for retail tenants. AMD will have the largest mall in terms of size and promotional efforts and will be the number one mall in Second Life within two months.

Business Strategy

Albany Mall Development (AMD) is focused on value. Anyone can purchase land and put up a mall structure however there is few malls that place the focus on making the rent space valuable for tenants. By providing extraordinary value and customer service AMD will produce a high quality location for serious SL retail business to market their product.

Business Strengths

Albany Mall Development (AMD) is one of the strongest up and coming mall developers within Second Life. With real life business experience, the management team of AMD will be unmatched when it comes to the skills and knowledge that they possess in this field. The main strengths of AMD will be the size of its developments, and the promotional efforts that are put in place to insure high foot traffic into our establishments. AMD's first project will successfully be known as the largest mall within Second Life and will exceed any current mall in promotion and advertising. We expect a foot traffic so high that Second Life retailers wont be able to afford not to have a location inside of our mall.

Market Overview

Albany Mall Development (AMD) is one of many companies that are using land and property development as a means for profit in the virtual world of Second Life. Although the amount of competition is high, the amount of quality competition is low and there will be very few major competitors to a development of this size and magnitude. The AMD Management team has taken careful precaution in the planning of this development to insure that our project(s) will stand out among those preexisting in the marketplace. The focus of AMD is to provide extraordinary value to our tenants and investing partners. AMD's first development will have the largest promotion and advertising efforts of any mall within Second Life. By securing advertising space withing SL classifieds and a number of high profile SL publications we will insure that AMD will be a well known name and the value of having a location inside of our mall will exceed the cost of the presence to our tenants. Live Events, Promotions, Giveaways, and contests are just the beginning of a in depth marketing plan that will push AMD to the top of mall developments.

Use of Capital

The following is a breakdown of the initial use of capital, and the estimated profitability of the mall after its initiation.

Initial Funds Available: 1,200,000 L$

Initial Land Purchase: 455,600 L$
Expenses for first two months:
Promotion and Advertising: 244,800
Land Fees: 80,240

Total Expenses Through May: 780,640

We expect the mall to be filled no later than April 30th, 2007. This will create the following Monthly Profit and Revenue

Storefront Rental: 816,000
Sign and Advertising Rental: 13,500
Radio Contract: 15,500 Publication Contracts: 5,600

Total Monthly Revenue: 850,600

Land Use Fees: 80,240
Advertising and Promotion: 122,400
Staffing: 35,000

Total Monthly Expenses: 237,640

Total Monthly Profit: 612,960

Estimated Monthly Shareholders Dividend: .03 Per Share

Estimated Company Value Growth Monthly: 306,480

Estimated Value, Year End 2007: 10,812,000
Estimated Land Holdings, Year End 2007: 130,000 SQM
Estimated Year End Dividend: .25 Per Share

Risk Factors

Like any business investment there are always a few risks involved. The few potential risks involved with investing into a retail development site would include the failure to rent store front space to vendors and the lack of traffic coming to the area.
The Albany Mall Development Company creates value on our land. Our mall will be the most advertised mall in Second Life. Live events, music, and freebies will add to the huge amount of foot traffic coming through. Vendors will be forced to open a store front here just to be involved. Hopefully they won't have to stay on the waiting list to long before a store front becomes available to them. This mall will be the supported by the best staff making smart decisions on our behalf. This is the only place vendors will want to be!


I have always surrounded my self with outgoing people who go out of their way to accommodate everyone around them. The staff at AMD is not any different. I am proud to have people like Sal Ackland and Jackie Munro as my management team. Together we can take over the entire building process in SL.

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