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General Details

Outstanding Shares: 3,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Aaleigh Cullen
Director/Store Manager: Merri Mcdunnough
Non Managerial Advisor / Featured Artist:: Chao Mu
Advertising Manager: Talula Ophelia


CEO's Real Life Name: Aeslynn Engel
CEO's Real Life Location: San Antonio, TX

Cash on Hand: L$250,000.00
Land Owned: 70,000m2
Land Value: L$20.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,650,000.00

Monthly Income: L$425,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$105,000.00

Chairman's Letter

TRUE 2 LIFE STUDIOS aims to be the leading and exclusive Texture Creation Studio within Second Life, with our artists having more than 20 years of combined expertise in the Graphic Design, and Computer Generated Graphics Creation industries, we are certain in our assumption that given time we will do just that.

Founded by Aaleigh Cullen in Late August of 2006, the company has been a growing success every since. We reached self sustainable level in December 2006 just 2 months after inception.

Business Overview

Please review Business Sector for details on what services, and product lines our company provides

Business Strategy

Our strategy is to grow the TRUE2LIFE business in an as diverse nature as possible. Our exclusive line of full perm textures provides a sustainable income to support the business as it stands now giving near to none risk. The IPO is in place, for future land expansion, as we are able to purchase a private SIM, and expand into the Home Land Rental Service. Mall Rental Services, and Create an Educational Area for New Members of SecondLife, which will offer classes on building and basic scripting. as well as expanding our Gaming Area.

Business Strengths

TRUE2LIFE TEXTURE STUDIOS maintains almost no competition in the texturing market. As we sell our product at a lower rate, and offer much higher quality design textures.

Key personal hold Real World Experience, in the areas that they overview, as in.
The C.E.O who manages our Texture Line is a Graphic Artist by trade in Real Life, our C.F.O holds a degree in Business Management, and specializes in administering accounting protocols with several well known SL businesses.

Our Key Competitive Advantages is our Artists. The company receives a small percentage of every texture bundle that our Employees offer for sale within our store, which brings in perpetual income. By being able to offer creative artists a place to sell their work, we increase the value of our organization as a whole.

Another strength is product name, when we expanded on Feb 25th 2006 from a 4096 plot to our current 18250 sqm our traffic came with us. When purchased the traffic of the land was at 190, now after only 2+ week our traffic is risen and held at 12,500+

Market Overview

Our Companies Value will grow as our line of products grow. With planned increases in all area of our children companies, and product lines. We can readily assure a continued profit from our line of products.

With an current sale rate of over 200,000L$ worth of product this month, and over 1,000,000L$ total worth of sales since conception 6 1/2 months ago.

We perceive a tremendous growth in our products awareness, as we plan to launch 3 SL Magazine advertisement, (2 of which we shall be the featured company in), and are in talks with 2 SL Radio stations for advertising spots on the air ways.

Use of Capital

Our Base usage of the funds raised will be to purchase a private Island from LL, in hopes of expanding our reach to the maximum possible level. We also plan to use extra funds raised over this amount to pay for additional advertising, to increase product awareness, which in turn will increase sales, and the overall value of the company.

Risk Factors

As with all investments into SecondLife Companies the major risk involved is the SecondLife system itself, at anytime SecondLife would fail and thus the many corporations within would fail with it.

We have attempted to shield our core business model from risk through diversification.

Also we request you review the WSE terms of service.


C.E.O: Aaleigh Cullen
Director/Store Manager: Merri McDunnough
Advertising Manager: Talula Ophelia
Non Managerial Advisor: Chao Mu

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