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General Details

The prospectus is created as an offer document for a new or existing company seeking to raise capital from either private or public investors using an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In some situations a private company not using a stock market will create a document known as an Information Memorandum. Both documents set out to provide detailed information about the company, its mission, strategy, operations, financial information and investment risks.

Company: Logo Coding (LGO)
Outstanding Shares: 2,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Mike Mills
Top Director: Ed Fapp
Director: Barnaby Tomsen
Consultant: Ace Baker


CEO's Real Life Name: Mike
CEO's Real Life Location: Canada, Toronto

(Real life details are optional as the WSE is a fictional securities exchange based on avatars in the virtual world of Second Life.)

Cash on Hand: L$50,000.00
Land Owned: 512m2
Land Value: L$15.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets (NTA): L$$57,680.00

(NTA is calculated as the total assets of a company, minus any intangible assets such as goodwill, patents and trademarks, less all liabilities divided by Shares Outstanding. Also known as "net asset value", NAV or "book value", BV.)

Monthly Revenue: L$75,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$0.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors:

Building Software has similarities to Building a House. Both require the use of a set of standards to ensure that the final product is solid, fault free and provides the solution it was built for. The building industry has architects to design the house, a general contractor to manage the construction, a city building department to make sure the standards are adhered to, approve the initial plans and inspect all the major construction phases before the next phase is allowed to start. The Software Industry relies entirely upon the software development company to define and manage its own standards and to inspect all the phases of its work. Because of this, choosing to work with a skilled software development company makes the difference between receiving something that ends up being a problem and receiving a product that truly solves the problem that it was built for. That is why customers choose us over the competition hands down.
On top of lucrative contract work, we have a very exiting line of games waiting to be released which are expected to highly successful. In short don’t miss this opportunity to invest with a growing company is at the forefront of pioneering dedicated Second Life programming.

Business Overview

At Logo we are keenly interested in creating software that truly solves our client’s needs. We handle that goal employing a multi faceted approach which is unique to this company. We have blended what we see are the very best industry practices and use them to guide the design and development of our clients projects. Firstly we believe that the best solution to a problem often cannot be clearly seen at the beginning of a project, and that by moving to the best solution through iterative releases, a far superior result is created that truly solves our clients need. We attribute our great success to the fact that we do not believe that one size fits all. We have our Senior Staff handle the tough and highly technical aspects of the project, and have the Junior Staff tackle the less technical projects and graphics for people working with a limited budget. We do not feel that you should pay our higher rate if you only need text changes or other simple changes to your website and our customers agree. Using the skills and ingenuity of our staff and the resources at our disposal our products completely blanket the customers need, handling not only support but instruction as well as marketing,

Business Strategy

Using our team’s creative vision and dedication, develop a suite of proprietary programs and development tools to redefine entertainment in Second Life, which will cement our company as Second Life’s premier software company.

Business Strengths

Logo coding strengths lie in their well trained and knowledgeable staffs that have extensive experience in Second Life. The core beliefs we hold to are:

* Small groups of agile, talented developers consistently outperform larger traditional development teams.
* Win-Win collaborative partnerships between developer and client create superior results.
* Quality software solutions are created by developers who are treated well by their own companies.
* Software developed using a clear set of standards makes a product that is easy to expand and maintain.
* Peer code reviews and module testing by a separate tester ensure quality code and minimize bugs.
* Good Software has a strong, well thought out, flexible foundation that can easily accommodate unforeseen growth and design changes.
* A relaxed, personable relationship makes the development experience a pleasurable one for our clients.

These beliefs matched with ingenuity and dedication result in Logo Coding being one of Second Life’s premier scripting companies.

Market Overview

Logos market is boundless. Although second life is a few years old it is just starting to come into its own. Growing Interest and excitement about the endless possibilities open to an avatar bounded only by his imagination creates unlimited opportunities for talented programmers to bring dreams into reality.

Use of Capital

The capital raised from the initial IPO has been earmarked for some very exciting and ambitious development projects. The foremost being:

1) Upgrade and expansion of Logo's development platform.
2) Bring to market Logo's line of proprietary pay per use software and original content games to be marketed in Second Life.
3) Establishing dedicated servers to handle the distribution of product, while providing revenue generating hosting opportunities ranging from web pages to game servers.
4) Explore and develop the opportunity to expand into hosting Sims.

Risk Factors

Logo Codling’s main risk factors are as follows:

1- Lack of predictabity how fast second life will grow and the direction it will take.
2- Increased competition coming online.
3- Changing ‘in-game' trends.

Our business model and resourceful staff can minimize or virtually eliminate the impact from these variables.


Ed Fapp- Management and board member
Barnaby Tomsen- board member
Mike Mills- board member
Ace Baker- hired as Promoter and consultant

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