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General Details

Company: Midas Property & Mortgage (MPM)
Outstanding Shares: 3,349,062
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Midas Commons
Chief Information Officer: Ootje Timtam
Chief Financial Officer: Blackberry Babenco


CEO's Real Life Name: Midas Commons
CEO's Real Life Location: Austin Texas

Cash on Hand: L$1,000,000.00
Land Owned: 10,784m2
Land Value: L$15.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,161,760.00

Monthly Income: L$100,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$10,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Midas Property and Mortgage is a subsidiary company of Midas Bank that engages primarily in land financing and mortgage banking. We also operate a diversified REIT operation and a property management division.

We are a rapidly growing subsidiary of the Midas Bank financial group. We have a good track record of creating profits in the real estate backed lending indusrty. We seek to expand this operation and develope our real estate investment trust operation and a property management service.

We invite the prospective shareholder to buy our stock and take part in the success of our current business and of our future growth potential. We plan on aggressively reinvesting and growing our income while at the same time providing generous dividends. The more income we can generate the more substantial our dividends will become. Buy shares with us and enjoy in our profit and growth.

Business Overview

The chief business objective of Midas Property and Mortgage is to profit from virtual real estate backed mortgage lending services. We have a secondary goal to expand our diversified real estate investment trust operation alongside our property management division. Our intention is that in achieving our goals we will create multiple and secure longterm revenue as well as tremendous growth potential.

The majority of our operations will be based on developing our current joint projects with established SL mortgage lending banks. We have a good standing joint business veture relationship with My Second Bank, better known as M2B, one of the bigger and more reputable SL banks. M2B provides the logistic and personel support to our land financing/mortgage lending operation. In turn we provide access to our mortgage lending pool. A commercial lending operation is in effect to govern this relationship.

The remainder of our operations will be focused on investing in real estate developement and aquiring premier rental properties to run or prepare for resale. We will look to create a formal market for mortgage backed securities with the properties we invest in as well. At the time of writing this prospectus, this side of our operations is small. However we see the most upside potential going forward for this. We stress that this will provide a large element of growth potential to our stock that should interest potential investors.

Business Strategy

After we get listed, our first priority will be to grow our joint business venture with M2B. Our intra-bank automated lending system will be heavily invested in and reinvested in. Revenue from this operation will be large and profit margins are expected to be very high.

The mortgage lending market is only so big. Our second priority will be to direct overflow income into our REIT operation and property management division. We will seek to invest in and developement new sims. We are interested in developing themed sims or sims for sublease. We will also seek to aquire pre-established, profitable real estate, rental operations. On our list are the most popular shopping malls in SL, premier private residential rentals, and SL business convetion centers. We look primarily at revenue and profit margins and the for quality of builds and traffic when considering aquisition of such properties.

Our third priority will a long-term goal of establishing mortgage backed security investment vehicles for trade among SL banks. A formal mortgage backed security market will create a more flexible and leveraged lending pool as well as revenue from intermediary services. We will only be able to do this once our REIT operation grows large enough and our mortgage lending pool becomes dynamic enough through the creation of automated management systems. With database, cash and credit systems, and built in security we can facilitate trade in mortgage investment vehicles and redefine the market. A mortgage backed security exchange system, which for third parties would be based on an escrow service that we develope, would pay comissions to us and further expand our bottom line.

Business Strengths

We have several key strengths to our business.

-Strong and experienced executive leadership. Midas Commons has been working in the finacial markets in SL for about a year now. He works full-time in world in every single banking sector. He also provides substantial cheap credit from Midas Bank to his subsidiaries, one of which is Midas Property & Mortgage.

-Great understanding of the market. The managers running Midas property & Mortgage know the system. They understand the systemic risk in SL and they know how to mitigate against it. They have long standing working relationships with the key players in the market. They know the way SL's financial networks function. They have their thumbs on the pulse of the different sectors that are creating profits. All this equals a highly flexible and dynamic approach that ensures profits long down the road.

-Tremendous brand recognition. The Midas brand is very well known and widely recognized in SL. It stands for reliability and the highest level of quality. People associate the brand with tapping the power of the Linden. In addition most investors on the WSE have made good profits by investing in other Midas companies. Those companies have some of the best track-records for creating value for their inestors, providing dividends, and exhibiting good corporate governance.

Market Overview

The mortgage lending services in SL return about 7% monthly on average at the time of writing this prospectus. These are very generous returns. People are willing to pay alot for loans in SL because of the speculative nature of buying virtual real estate here. There is a high premium built into the loans that customers accept due to a synergy between systemic uncertainty, creative curiosity, and a thriving entrepenurialist environment. Investment in real estate in seen as a high risk and high reward venture. In these situations we see people willing to take high interest loans to help them share risk with a bank.

Use of Capital

Use of capital break-down.

-70% Investment into mortgage lending pool.

-10% Investment in R&D; into automated lending systems.

-10% Investment in salaries for workers and execs.

-10% Investment into further aquiring rental properties and real estate investment operations.

Company reinvestment will consist of progressive reduction in investment in the mortgage lending pool as the market comes to be satiated. Subsequent to this, income will be invested more and more into REIT operations, property management, and automated lending systems.

Risk Factors

The following risk factors apply to our company's operations:

-Systemic risk in the SL economy. The systemic risk in SL currently is low. We have still not seen a slow down in the rate of news stories being written about SL in the RL media. The Linden's value is very tightly traded and managed on the Lindex by LL and the currency traders. We continue to see more and more influx of residents and their cash.

-Risk in over supply of real estate. There is some risk that there will be an oversupply of real estate in SL that will drive mortgage lending rates down and shrink the lending market. In case of this scenario our company plans on being well diversified enough to take advantage of the opportunities that this would create. Premier rental services will still be concentrated enough to provide land rental revenue. Our mortgage lending pool would be intact and would not be subject to any risk of shrinking. We would divert these resources into land rentals should a land oversupply scenario present itself.


Chief Executive Officer - Midas Commons

This is the senior manager who is responsible for overseeing the activities of an entire company.

Chief Information Officer - Ootje Timtam

A company executive who is responsible for the management and implementation of information and computer technologies. Scripts, off-world database maangement systems, and automated services for the comopany will be managed by this person.

Chief Financial Officer - Blackberry Babenco

This is the senior manager who is responsible for overseeing the financial activities of an entire company. This includes signing checks, monitoring cash flow, and financial planning.

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