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General Details

Company: Ford Edelman Designs (FED)
Outstanding Shares: 1,000,285
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Ford Edelman
Treasurer: Balance Writer
Executive Vice President for Special Projects: Ashleigh Wade
Market Advisor: Phanatik Chickenwing
Executive Vice President for Operations: Northlight Sodwind


CEO's Real Life Name: Not Specified
CEO's Real Life Location: Not Specified

Cash on Hand: L$25,000.00
Land Owned: 2,528m2
Land Value: L$20.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$75,560.00

Monthly Income: L$20,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$5,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Business Overview

FED specializes in the custom building of small projects. Some of the examples of our work can be found at the Hope Capital Centre trading floor. As we grow, we aspire to gain a greater share of the design market.

Our current project is a new and unique gaming device which can be easily and uniquely tailored to the needs of any client. It is multiplayer, interactive, and employs a balanced amount of skill and luck. More information on the game will become available as we come closer to a product launch.

With the profits from this new game, we will begin to pay our first dividends, as well as invest in new and larger ventures within SL.

Business Strategy

1. Identify needs for specially designed products within SL. (This is done through researching classifieds, market polling, advertising, etc.)

2. Design products to meet these unique needs.

3. Innovate existing products to better suit unique needs

4. Market the products.

5. Continue to test products and research the market to find ways to improve our products.

6. Sell small novelty items on a retail market to help promote the company, and use retail profits to cover advertising costs.

7. Invest unused funds into a bank until needed, or redistribute to investors as dividend payments.

Business Strengths

FED does continuous market research polling residents for input on designs, ideas, and services they would like to see in SL. This type of research has led to favorable redesigns of custom products, and given the company a positive image among the clients who have worked with us, and their associates.

Market Overview

Although the design market itself is saturated with amateurs and professionals alike, FED can differentiate itself from the competition by creating new markets for new products. This will be demonstrated by the upcoming release of our project in development, the game "Double Team."

Although there are many competitors, we will grow in the market through sound development strategies. Our products will be drafted, developed, tested, redesigned, and retested more thoroughly than our competitors. This will help us to create products that will be state-of-the-art at their release.

Use of Capital

We have spent L$400,000 from our IPO for scripting of our new game. L$100,000 has been re-invested into the stock market, and the company is making money trading shares at a markup of 13% or better than at the price we buy them.

Risk Factors

The major risk with our first product is that it will be unpopular with residents as a game. We have taken steps to mitigate this through polling, testing, and feedback from residents. We have also asked casino owners what they would like to see in their gaming systems. We have done our best to make the gamers' needs and the owners' needs mesh neatly under one single platform.


Ford Edelman - CEO

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