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General Details

Company: Daztec Rentals Group (DTR)
Outstanding Shares: 1,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Blake Matthews
Executive Director: Seth Horwitz
Financial Director: Walker Wise


CEO's Real Life Name: Daztec Holdings
CEO's Real Life Location: Australia

Cash on Hand: L$150,000.00
Land Owned: 6,224m2
Land Value: L$12.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$224,688.00

Monthly Income: L$65,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$23,000.00

Chairman's Letter

I am Blake Mathews, CEO of The Daztec Rental Group. On behalf of Myself & the Board of Directors i would like to invite all people of Sl a chance to invest if our fast growing business. With a team of Young but experianced Directors & Employees, we have put together a team dedecated to the growth & expansion of the Business.
We currently have 2 apartment buildings that are constantly 85% full & with many new residents seeking a new home daily we see the need to expand our current holdings to fill the needs of this fast growing market.

Business Overview

The Daztec Rental Group specilise in the low cost rental market for which we beleave is a steady & stable area of the market with high demand.With new people entering the World each day the market looks bright for the futre. We Currently own 2 buildings with a total of 10 Units, 2 stores, & 3 vender spaces. we ave an average tenent rate of 86%.

Business Strategy

Daztec Rental Group provides both clients and associates alike with distinguished service. We emphasize a professional approach and creative solutions, while breaking new ground as a full-service resource. Every deal is different, but there is no scenario we can’t handle. We will not rest until we are your preferred office for all your real estate needs.

Business Strengths

At Daztec Rental Group we beleave, Surround yourself with successful, motivated, and dynamic real estate professionals who look to set the bar, and raise the standards for customer service and integrity. We believe in the principles of a meritocracy, and therefore generously compensate our high producers, in both rentals and sales, through quarterly and annual incentive plans. Let's grow together.

Market Overview

The rental market has been on a long & steady climb for a while now & doesnt look like falling anytime soon.

Use of Capital

With the capital raised from our IPO we intend to employ extra staff, a min 10%increase to our marketing budget & to invest in new Building Developements to increase our client base.
Currently We have 2 new developments in the planing stages that should see an extra 16 Units added to our rental listings.Increasing the net profit of the company & a good return on the shareholders investment in the way of higher share prices & dividends.

Risk Factors

In any market there are risks & none more than the real estate market. We beleave by also investing in other markets (Stock Market & Land Sale, ect) we lessen the risk in the shareholders investment & still return a healthy dividend.


At DRG we have always surrounded ourself with outgoing people who go out of their way to accommodate everyone around them. The emplyees at DRG is not any different. I am proud to have people like Seth Horwitz & Walker Wise on the management team. Together we can deliver on our promise of good value property rentals to all in SL.

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