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General Details

Company: Xanther Corporation (XAN)
Outstanding Shares: 2,000,000
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Xanther Karlfeldt
non-executive: Lindsay Druart


CEO's Real Life Name: Xanther Karlfeldt
CEO's Real Life Location: UNKNOWN

Cash on Hand: L$600,000.00
Land Owned: 16,368m2
Land Value: L$3.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$649,104.00

Monthly Income: L$500,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$30,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Dear Investors,

It is my sincere pleasure to present my life's passion to you as a money making venture and a great opportunity to be a part of the next profitable and solid corporation listed on the World Stock Exchange. Xanther Corporation is bound by a set of values and quality controls that allow our products to be some of the best in Second Life.

We are a construction company, specializing in gothic builds, with tremendous knowledge in SL buildings and construction maintenance. From the smallest prim object to 24 story buildings, our style is set apart from others as we embody class and functionality. Most of our buildings and objects are custom built to your specifications so that this item is yours, not a pre-fabricated building.

It is our goal with this IPO process and public listing to gain the market visibility we need to be more successful as well as the capital we require to expand. Our prices are much lower than others builders and are skills are impeccable. We are fast and we are knowledgeable, offering any information that is needed to make our client's building up to their specifications as well as turn tremendous profit for our coming shareholders.

Once this IPO is complete, we plan to build a sim from scratch, showcasing our work for pre-fabrication when requested and for idea models for custom builds. The new sim will also allow us a larger building area so that we do not have to maintain unfinished products on our client's parcels. In addition, to the new sim, we plan to bring on more staff to accommodate the large amount of business we have at the current time.

As CEO and Chairman of the Board, I am more than confident in my ability as a builder and as a business man. We have enlisted the help of very influential people to make our presence in SL known and amplified. We look forward to a very prosperous and profitable future and we want to share that profit with you.


Xanther Karlfeldt

Business Overview

The construction market in SL is filled with prefab builders who build for dollars. At Xanther Corporation, we build for passion and for our customers. With each prim we place, a piece of us goes with it as we put a lot of time and personal energy into making your vision a reality. We are currently working on a few Simulators which when we finish will grab about or around 400,000 to 500,000 Lindins to kick off our own sim, So basicly posting ads and getting more voice to the public. There are currently no Expenses other than paying for our new manager and a small rental area. Currently we make approx 500,000$ a month in revenue and is growing.We are now offering other investments to double our money such as L$ buying and selling and other investments.

Business Strategy

The business strategy is to make our presence known in as many places as possible. So far we have done this with negotiations of business owners to advertise our comission structure as well as our work in there buildings as well as on their sims. This has been prime for us as it has helped us maintain low overhead and still establish our place in the market

Business Strengths

We offer cost effective products for the novice to the expert by maintaining professionalism and individualism with our customers. Each job that is custom build is revisited as many times as needed to make sure that the customer is 100% happy with their building.We always friend our clients to make sure we are reachable even after our build.In addition, we offer a commission structure for referrals so that our clients recieve residuals just by saying our name.

Market Overview

L&L; Rentals and Sales has been a cornerstone in giving us market exposure by showcasing our work in their sims.

Use of Capital

Our plan is to use the capital to purchase a sim to showcase our builds, offer options of style to our clients, and give us working room for larger builds. Our long term goal is to be able to construct sims from the ground up and provide all solutions available to the sim owners.

Risk Factors

We do not forsee any risk factors at this moment as there is always a need for builders in SL. Since our materials do not cost, our overhead will remain low as our service is great and static, making us more profitable.


Xanther Corporation is managed by skilled professionals that have stellar knowledge from their real life that has become very beneficial in Second Life. All members of the board have various backgrounds in business and marketing that will assist XanCo in becomeing a well known construction firm in SL.

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