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General Details

Company: Donavonne Ogni Giorno (DON)
Outstanding Shares: 1,588,322
Company Website:

Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officer: Donavonne Epin
Happy Investor: Xavier Zeddmore
Head of Communication: Joni Jie
HQ Director: Donavonne Epin


CEO's Real Life Name: Don'Avonne
CEO's Real Life Location: Italy

Cash on Hand: L$50,000.00
Land Owned: 11,392m2
Land Value: L$90.00/m2
Net Tangible Assets: L$1,075,280.00

Monthly Income: L$50,000.00
Monthly Expenses: L$5,000.00

Chairman's Letter

Ogni Giorno was founded on a simple premise: The best in modern design should be accessible to the public. Donavonne Ogni Giorno is a collection of influences of design enthusiasts. We offer the best in modern design to both the residential and contract markets in Second Life. Donavonne Ogni Giorno is the source for modern design and fully reconstructed classics.Here at Donavonne Ogni Giorno we stand behind the quality of everything we sell. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Business Overview

Donavonne Ogni Girono is made from a true design enthusiasts. We offer the best in modern design to both the residential and commercial markets in Second Life. In addition to having showrooms for our products, our HQ serve as a community center for modern design fans, providing a venue for design-related events. Our Sales Catalog showcases our entire assortment, offering extensive product information and educational materials about designer and upcoming work.

"Modern" is not a superficial style or a marketing term; it is a movement in art and design that is guided by distinct characteristics, including simplicity, clarity of form and the pioneering use of new materials.

Business Strategy

we plan to consistantly provide our customers with exceptional customer service as well as a consistancy in high design furniture.

Also to seperate selling styles we will sell for having well put together displays to give the customer ideals and motivate them to purchase whole sets. We also will keep customers invited to our company by setting up vending machines in different areas with landmarks to the main store currently at ::: Sien Lok (222, 26, 32)

Business Strengths

High Demand for high quality modern Peices of Furniture in home/office.

DonAvonne ogni Girono showcase the collection in full scale displays as if you were in the home or office.

Market Overview

"The word modern means up to date; and to use the modern style means to take advantage of the technical achievements of our age. It means using the raw materials and the new ways of construction that have been developed in recent years. Take a modern chair. Modern techniques have evolved the steel tube. Its strength makes it unnecessary to use the bulk needed for a wood frame. The fact that steel is flexible makes box springs unnecessary. There is no make-believe or useless complication in really modern furniture. The modern style is based on two cardinal principles: utility and simplicity."

Use of Capital

Money will be used to pay for land. we plan to have our own Sim to maxamize the potential of selling merchandise to customers. It would allow us to set up massive displays even homes furnished that customers can walk into.

Risk Factors

The only risk factors that can be seen is lack of marketing which we currently are working on. We plan to buy a top spot in the Secondlife search to fix this.


Donavonne epin is the Head CEO and creative Director fo DonAvonne Ogni Giorno.

Xavier Zeddmore is the head Investor as well as recrutor of Private investors as well Head of stock and other investmants to insure Donavonne Ogni Giorno's finances are always at there best.

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