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Company: Allenvest Investment Capital (AIC)
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L$0.80 L$0.00 L$1.80 L$0.00

Trading History
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High: L$0.00   High: L$1.80   High: L$1.89
Low: L$0.00   Low: L$1.10   Low: L$0.21
Average: L$0.00   Average: L$1.35   Average: L$0.63
Volume: 0   Volume: 133,688   Volume: 3,621,884

*Market Alert: Trading in this security has been temporarily halted by WSE.

Open Buy Orders (Bid)
Shares Price
5,000 L$0.80
6,500 L$0.02
20,000 L$0.01
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There are no open sell orders.

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