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Company: Sun Media Consultants (SUN)
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("Bid" is the highest price the buyer is willing to pay for the shares, "Ask" is the lowest price the seller is willing to sell the shares and "Last" is the last the price per share paid for shares in the company.)

Bid Ask Last Change
L$0.56 L$0.69 L$0.65 L$0.00

Trading History
Last 24 Hours   Last 7 Days   Last 30 Days
High: L$0.73   High: L$0.80   High: L$0.80
Low: L$0.65   Low: L$0.34   Low: L$0.25
Average: L$0.65   Average: L$0.48   Average: L$0.43
Volume: 4,505   Volume: 260,027   Volume: 438,898

Last 10 Trades
Traded Volume Price
June 17, 2007 1,339 L$0.65
June 17, 2007 13 L$0.66
June 17, 2007 2,511 L$0.65
June 17, 2007 488 L$0.66
June 17, 2007 1 L$0.65
June 17, 2007 150 L$0.66
June 17, 2007 3 L$0.73
June 16, 2007 50 L$0.75
June 16, 2007 1 L$0.75
June 16, 2007 10 L$0.75

(Market Orders allow you to buy or sell shares immediately to current open orders irrespective of the price per share. Open orders otherwise known as At Limit orders are a method to buy or sell a set number of shares at a specified price or better. Limit orders also allow an investor to limit the length of time an order can be outstanding before being canceled. The funds or shares required to fill your current limit orders are immediately deducted from your portfolio and escrowed until the orders are filled or cancelled.>

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Limit Order
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Top Open Buy Orders (Bid)
Shares Price
100 L$0.56
2,000 L$0.56
439 L$0.56
204 L$0.56
100 L$0.50
127 L$0.50
10,000 L$0.45
155 L$0.45
3,000 L$0.44
500 L$0.40
Top Open Sell Orders (Ask)
Shares Price
488 L$0.69
1,427 L$0.70
150 L$0.71
995 L$0.73
66 L$0.75
2,000 L$0.75
100 L$0.76
1,549 L$0.77
7,209 L$0.77
50,000 L$0.78

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